Friday October 24 , 2014


Founded in 1982, MBI Industrial Medicine, Inc. is an Arizona based company operating five full service facilities staffed with medical professionals who provide the full spectrum of Occupational Medicine for employers and their employees.  Over the last 3 decades MBI has been the contracted provider for some of our State and Country’s largest employers, including many State agencies. 

Compare MBI to your current provider to see: cost reductions, a partner in quality care and cost containment, reduced physical therapy referrals & treatment durations, great communication, patient and customer satisfaction!

Many of our clients are national but choose MBI because of our long and distinguished history of quality care at affordable prices.  They are also attracted to our reputation of providing efficient case management, medically necessary diagnosis and treatment plans, and not over-utilizing specialty care. 

Our website is designed to provide detailed information regarding our capabilities and commitment to our clients.  We have provided links to Governmental sites, Licensing Groups, and Research Organizations to provide a complete occupational medicine resource.